What Everyone Needs to Know About Carbohydrates and Dieting

If you are struggling on your diet and not seeing results you could have a problem with carbohydrates. For the last couple of decades we were told to reduce the amount of fat we consume and exercise more to lose weight. While we are exercising more and eating less fat we are still gaining weight! The reason we are gaining weight is due to carbs and how they interact with our body.

Processed Foods, Carbs, Insulin, and You

Most of the processed foods today have large amounts of carbs in them. What the majority of people do not know is that the human body loves glucose because it is a cheap source of energy. The problem is that anything more than 2 teaspoons of sugar in the blood is toxic. When we eat a meal that is loaded with carbs the body goes into self-defence mode releasing insulin to combat the sugar. Insulin is a powerful hormone that tells all the cells in the body to absorb the excess sugar in the blood and convert it into fat. This fat is what clogs our arteries and forms around our stomach! If you were to drink a cup of coffee that had 2 sugar in it (very common with most people) then anything you eat with it will turn almost instantly into fat.  Insulin does not discriminate whether the food you are eating has carbs or not, if there is insulin in the blood stream then any food that you ate is being turned into fat!

What you can do to combat this is adopt a Ketogenic Diet which forces your body to burn fat by restricting the total number of carbs to less than 20g per day. This diet does take some discipline but switching from carbs to a fat fueled diet will do wonders for your health so try to make these lifestyle changes now.