Babyhuiltjes? 5 Tricks to Stop Baby from Crying

A crying baby is something no parent wants to have because this sound is a signal that something is wrong. Since babies are unable to talk, crying is their only form of communication to tell you that they’re unhappy, whether something hurts, they’re hungry, or simply need time to cuddle.

It’s easy to decipher cries as baby ages, but even then, you can’t always tell what’s going on with baby since he cannot tell you. If you are searching for ways to get your baby to stop crying, here are a few tricks that may very well work and provide you both the needed relief. Try one; try them all. Many parents before you have successfully used them to help stop their fussy baby from crying.

Trick One: Go for a Car Ride

Most babies cannot resist a car ride, even when they are otherwise cranky. Baby won’t sleep? They’re notorious for fighting sleep, but most babies cannot resist a ride in the car.  It sends them right into dreamland. Of course, if baby is hurting or not feeling well, even this might not work. It’s worth a try, nonetheless. It might even provide relief for an upset stomach or other similar issues.

Trick Two: Put Baby in the Swing

If you cannot go for a car ride or simply prefer to stay off the highway, another useful trick that has worked for many parents is the baby swing. Put baby inside, turn it to the appropriate speed and hopefully it will ease his or her woes.

Trick Three: Gas Remedies

Babies get fussy due to gas oftentimes, so this might very well be what’s causing your little one to cry. Pay attention to the times when he or she cries. Is it soon after a bottle feeding? Gas may be the culprit. Keep gas drops for infants on hand at all times to provide baby relief.

Trick Four: Play with Baby


Everyone gets bored from time to time, including your baby. If baby’s cries are not those of hunger or pain, perhaps he is simply bored and looking for a bit of stimulation. Hold baby, cuddle with her, or play a fun peek-a-boo game to make baby happy again.

Trick Five: Put Baby Down

Just the opposite of being bored, perhaps the cries are due to overstimulation. This is quite possible if baby is tired, missed a nap, etc. Baby wants and needs some alone time, and if he isn’t feeling all the commotion, he just isn’t feeling it.

Although hearing baby cry can be frustrating and difficult, the tricks above may very well provide you with comfort, and baby, too. Try these babyhuiltjes techniques when it seems nothing else comforts your baby. Who knows? It might very well be one of these tricks that become your new go-to remedy to soothe your baby. The tricks have worked for many mom’s before you, and they’re sure to work wonders for you, too.